We were looking to sell our house fairly quickly due to changed circumstances and we have used various “chain” estate agents in the past, but on this occasion decided to go with a more personalised, independent estate agent who knew the area and local market extremely well and  would give us a much better level of customer service. We had actually bought the house through the same estate agent just a year earlier, Blount & Maslin in Malmesbury as they had been really good to deal with as the purchaser.

    Blount & Maslin were a delight to deal with right from taking excellent photographs to show the house and garden at its best and also advising on the market value and reach of the property. We had a very good number of  good quality viewings which Keith and the team handled for us always with plenty of notice, and we always had constructive feedback promptly following a viewing.

    The house sold quickly in very tough market conditions and this was down to Keith and the whole team at Blount & Maslin knowing the uniques of the property and area and qualifying potential viewings really well up front so that every viewing was very constructive.

    I would highly recommend Blount & Maslin as they offer such a different level of customer service to any other estate agent I have dealt with; they worked very hard on our behalf with efficient & prompt feedback, well qualified viewings and regular constructive reviews with us which made all the difference to selling our property. The whole team at Blount & Maslin were excellent to deal with and I cannot recommend them highly enough.