Get to know Malmesbury: 10 places to visit!

Malmesbury is the Queen of hilltops towns. Set amongst beautiful green countryside with a wide range of amenities, it is a very desirable place to live. This month on our blog the staff at Blount & Maslin share some of their favourite places to visit in the town. Why not plan a day out exploring all Malmesbury has to offer.

Malmesbury Abbey:

malmesbury abbey

Visible from miles around, the 12th century Abbey is the jewel of the town of Malmesbury with over 65,000 visitors every year. The impressive architecture, rich history, religious prominence, and exciting events calendar make it a popular destination. You’ll even find a Café and Bookshop inside.

Abbey Gardens:

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With over 1,300 years of history, the first ‘King of all England’ buried somewhere in the gardens and two saints thrown down the well, the Abbey gardens have many stories to tell. Tourists and residents alike are drawn to the tranquil haven and the rare and beautiful views have given it the reputation as one of the great gardens in England. (Link to Abbey Gardens)

Athelstan Museum:


Named after the first ‘King of all England’, Athelstan Museum tells the history of a town built to a Saxon road plan on the site of a 2,800 year old hill fort and the surrounding area. You’ll find it in the Town Hall. (link to Museum)

The Old Bell:

the old bell hotel

Sitting proudly next to the 12th Century Abbey, England’s oldest hotel – the Grade 1 listed The Old Bell Hotel has been restored to the height of elegance, glamour and English charm. A great destination for afternoon tea or a decadent dinner.


Daniels Well:

Sunset Daniels Well in Malmesbury Blount and Maslin

Along the River Avon, via the footpath by 18 Gloucester Street, is a depression called ‘Daniels Well’. The name is derived from a monk called Daniel who is said to have submerged himself in the cold water every day for decades to quell fiery passions! It is now a popular place for dog walking and picnics, on hot summer days you may even see a few children having a paddle.



The River Walk:

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The River Walk is a beautiful 3-mile circular trail. It starts in the centre of the town before heading out to join the riverside path along the River Avon. The walk is a lovely mix of scenery with some peaceful sections of riverside to walk along, combined with opportunities to explore the history of the town.


Market Cross

Malmesburys iconic Market Cross

Dating back to 1490, the Market Cross stands on an 11th century graveyard. Intended as a sheltered civic meeting place, the Market Cross remains a social centre for events and gatherings. The Market Cross area is used for the town’s Friday outdoor market.

Hannah Twynnoy’s Grave:

Aged 33, Hannah Twynnoy became the first person in Britain to be killed by a tiger in Britain. Known to have been working as a waitress, she was attacked after one of the animals escaped from the menagerie which had been visiting the town. Now a famous cautionary tale about the dangers of provoking tigers, the story has been well-told. You can find her grave in the Abbey Grounds.

The gravestone of Hannah Twynnoy Malmesbury

The High Street:

Malmesbury High Street is home to a wide range of charming independent shops. The vibrant and bustling centre is a great location for some retail therapy and to meet with friends for a coffee!

View of Malmesbury Abbey and other listed buildings

The Bird Cage:

Every pizza on the menu at The Bird Cage  restaurant is named after a street in Malmesbury or a famous Malmesbury character. Pop in for a casual lunch or enjoy a delicious evening meal and see how many of the street names you recognise. Our owner Keith is rather partial to a ‘Horsefair’!

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